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About Us

Kaugment Solutions is founded with the firm belief in augmenting in-class professional training with state-of-the-art -on-line resources for adaptive learning at individual pace and convenience. Our mission at Kaugment is to help working professionals augment their knowledge and skills for them to achieve growth in careers.

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Our Training Programs

Kaugment's training is designed to accommodate schedules and convenience of professionals with a variety of options, and with sufficient time between any two classes. This provides you an excellent opportunity to listen in class, then review on-line content at convenience, and then practice-test-absorb material.

This well-tested method of learning not only improves significantly your chances of success in the exam, but also helps you soak in the entire project management body of knowledge to successfully apply in your career, and also speak the language confidently. The program is designed to provide frequent evaluation, so that you can monitor your own progress, and know when you have really mastered the material.

Kaugment also believes in having the best in the field with mastery over the subject to train the professionals to provide you with the highest value at the price possible.

Kaugment also believes in letting the prospective students know well in advance who the training program instructors are, to make sure they realize even before they pay the money the value they would receive.

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