Semyon Nisenzon (CEO and CTO)

Semyon Nisenzon is a Leader, Advanced Technologist, Innovator and Entrepreneur with over 30 years’ experience bringing novel, high performance, groundbreaking technologies to market. With a PhD in Applied Mathematics and Principal Architect and Management roles in innovative Graphics, Video and Imaging companies, Dr. Nisenzon has introduced some of the most advanced and highest-performance hardware and software products, in technologies as diverse as geometric modeling, raytracing, advanced video processing and computational photography. He worked at Arm, Sun, Apollo, NeoMagic, Pelican Imaging and several other startups.

Andrew Rosman (Hardware)

Andy is a chip architect for the networking search engine products at Broadcom Corp.  Prior, he was Systems Engineering Director at NetLogic, where he led the systems hardware and software teams.  Andy helped lead NetLogic through its early growth, successful IPO and later $3.7B acquisition by Broadcom.  Prior to NetLogic, he led the architecture team at NeoMagic in the development of two generations of 3D engines.  Andy also co-founded two other early stage 3D graphics companies.  Prior to this, he was Senior Scientist at the Hughes Aircraft Research labs where he developed real-time CGI technologies based on ray-tracing voxel data bases.  He was also a design engineer and architect for the early CGI systems at Singer Link and General Electric.


Eisuke Tsuyuzaki (Board member)

Eisuke Tsuyuzaki is an investor, advisor, innovator and founder of Endurance Testing Systems and also the Founder of Nikkei Ventures, He was also a former CTO of Panasonic, Eisuke is an Advisor to the National and Regional Governments on Silicon Valley innovation.

He graduated from Stanford University and won an Emmy award for "Home Media Visionary Award".

Dave Shreiner

Dave Shreiner is a software- and systems engineer, and technologist with extensive experience from supercomputers to mobile devices.  His expertise has focused on computer graphics, image processing, and high-performance computing, particularly with respect to GPUs.  He has authored 10 books and presented over 100 short courses worldwide on computer graphics, been the conference chair for the 2014 ACM/SIGGRAPH and have held other executive positions with the organization, the world's largest computer graphics conference, and had a 25-year career at some of the most innovative technological companies including Silicon Graphics Computer Systems (SGI), ARM, Apple, and Unity.

David is the co-author of "The OpenGL Programming Guide"​ (currently in its ninth edition; he worked on the 3rd through 8th editions); "The OpenGL Reference Manual”,” The OpenGL ES 2.0 Programming Guide"​ (first edition); and "Interactive Computer Graphics: A Top-Down Approach conferences, Based OpenGL"​ (sixth edition), and its new version "Interactive Computer Graphics with WebGL"​ (7th and 8th editions) He is also the series editor for Pearson's OpenGL professional library

Slava Kavsan

Mr. Kavsan has over 25 years of extensive business and technical leadership experience in managing engineering teams in several word class high-tech companies such as Microsoft, EMC/RSA Security and Bell Laboratories.

His experience spans leading large engineering projects for cutting-edge Cloud Security, Platform Security, Identity Management and Data.

Mr. Kavsan worked for eight years in Microsoft leading Azure Cloud Security and Windows 7 & 8 Security projects such as Data Encryption, Key Management, Platform Integrity, Public Key Infrastructure, Strong Authentication, and many others. Prior to founding CKURE Consulting, Slava worked for eight years in Microsoft leading Azure Cloud Security and Windows 7 & 8 Security projects such as Data Encryption, Key Management, Platform Integrity, Public Key Infrastructure, Strong Authentication, and many others.

Paul Gallagher


Paul Gallagher has been involved in image sensors, software, and systems his whole career, working on products as diverse as nuclear missile navigation to the Barbie Cam.  He has headed up the marketing and business development teams for OmniVision, Samsung SLSI CMOS Imaging Group, and Pelican Imaging. He has successfully created and led teams that are responsible for finding and winning large new volume markets for novel imaging technologies and applications nearly tripling revenue in saturated markets (low$300m-nearly $900M) while increasing profitability. He holds 6 patents and has written over 25 papers for journals and magazines.


Managing Partner & Founder

Yabusame Partners Silicon Valley

Jens Weitzel is Managing Partner at Yabusame Partners (YP), a boutique consulting firm with locations in France, Israel, and the United States. Jens has lived in Silicon Valley for 19 years after starting his professional career in Germany and Asia-Pacific.

YP works at the nexus between technology startups and corporates and engages clients in strategy, business development, and fundraising assignments. Jens has broad horizontal and vertical experience in software/cloud businesses and focuses on B2B businesses in automotive/mobility, IoT, supply chain/logistics, manufacturing, and energy/sustainability verticals.

Jens is an active mentor at several Silicon Valley accelerators, including StartX, the Stanford University Startup Accelerator, the German Accelerator, and Plug and Play. He is a regular speaker, judge and panelist at technology events and serves as strategic advisor or board member on numerous startup company boards.

Sven Beiker

Dr. Sven Beiker has spent more than two decades focused on the future of mobility and automotive safety during a career spanning BMW Group, McKinsey & Company, and Stanford University. Today, Sven is the Managing Director of Silicon Valley Mobility, a consulting and advisory firm he founded in 2017 specializing in technical diligence, product roadmaps and business models for mobility. Sven is also a Lecturer at the Stanford Business School where he teaches strategies for startups and corporations in the field of automated, connected, electrified, and shared mobility. His mission is to improve sustainability, safety, efficiency, and convenience in how consumers use automobiles. Dr. Beiker also serves on advisory boards of several startups in the mobility space, as an advisor to the German American Chamber of Commerce in San Francisco, and as an advisor / co-editor to the Lecture Notes in Mobility of Springer Science+Business Media.